systemd and mounting filesystems

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Tue Oct 11 01:38:30 UTC 2011

On Tue, 11.10.11 00:03, Lennart Poettering (mzerqung at wrote:

> But anyway, I am aware that not all daemons are netlink aware and we
> need to support that daemons like that and making them more dynamic is
> not realistic in the short term. So what we could do is introduce a new
> target "" or so which is ordered after
> and before all network mounts. You could then simple
> place yourself between and As
> that's a simple change we could even do that in F16 still.

So I have now added "" to achieve this. You should
now be able to order your service after "" and before
"" so that you are run after the network is
configured but before the remote mount points are mounted.

Note that is a hook you need to pull in yourself,
as we do no pull it in normally (in order to keep the transaction minimal). i.e. you need to write this in your unit:


This should appear in F16 soon.


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