Stray Python 3 bytecode files in rawhide(f17) (bug 722578)

David Malcolm dmalcolm at
Tue Oct 11 18:34:03 UTC 2011

Python 3.2's distutils was byte-compiling .py files to the wrong
location, putting the .pyc/.pyo files in the same directory as the .py
files, rather than in the __pycache__ subdirectory.

This has led to some python3 packages having duplicate .pyc files in
their payloads:

This is now fixed as of today's rawhide (in python3-3.2.2-8.fc17).

I mentioning it here because there's a chance that it might lead to some
package builds breaking, due to "missing" .pyc files.  This could happen
if %files manifest had worked around the duplication by explicitly
listing those duplicate files, which won't exist anymore.  If you see
this, you ought to be able to fix it by removing the no-longer-needed
workaround from the %files manifest in the specfile.

Hope this makes sense; sorry for any inconvenience

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