Firefox on Fedora: No longer funny

Henrik Nordström henrik at
Wed Oct 12 18:38:34 UTC 2011

tis 2011-10-11 klockan 10:49 -0700 skrev Adam Williamson:

> There obviously is a _legitimate_ question as to whether you ought to be
> able to add your package into anyone else's update if you aren't a
> provenpackager; it's not necessarily something we'd want to do. But I
> think provenpackagers probably should be allowed to edit any update.

I agree that it's probably not desireable to be able to "randomly" add
packages to others updates, but it would be quite nice to link updates
so that when the Firefox update is pushed the update for FF-Extension-X
is also pushed.

> It does seem to be the case that negative karma is easier to come by
> than positive, yeah. I'm not sure there's much we can do about this
> besides 'game' the rules to account for it, as we're doing already to
> some extent.

It needs to be a lot easier for people to get notified when there us
updates-testing packages for packages they care about and can help
testing. Much can be done there. Currently the threshold between using
and testing is very very high when in reality it only needs to be one
click away.


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