RPM DB corruption with F-16 Beta

Bojan Smojver bojan at rexursive.com
Wed Oct 12 22:30:05 UTC 2011

This is probably not worthy of a bug report, but may still be useful to
confirm a problem that someone else may have experienced.

I resurrected an old notebook (HP Pavilion ZE4201) to test some stuff
under relatively low memory conditions (768 MB on the box). Installed
F-16 Beta i686 onto it with no trouble whatsoever.

On first boot, went to update the system, only to get RPM errors of
database in /var/lib/rpm needing recovery. The recovery (db_recover
-h /var/lib/rpm) completely shot the database and after running rpm
--rebuilddb the system was left in a state where vast number of packages
are not being reported (including rpm itself). Out of about 1,400
packages, only 400 were left in the DB.

Everything appears to be there (I mean the files of packages) and the
system works just fine. I recovered by hand some of the RPMS and I'm
working on more. Nothing suggest file system corruption or anything like
that. In fact, even rpm now works fine.

The hardware doesn't appear to be broken either. No segfaults, no
reboots, no kernel errors.

So, no idea what happened. I haven't seen anything like that since about
Red Hat Linux 8.0. :-)

Just a heads up and all that...


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