grub-efi replaces grub and grub2 along the way?

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Fri Oct 14 07:32:55 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-10-13 at 23:32 -0700, darrell pfeifer wrote:
> I did an update which I thought was going to do everything but grub
> but this happened:
> # yum update --exclude=grub
> Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
> Setting up Update Process
> Resolving Dependencies
> --> Running transaction check
> ---> Package grub.x86_64 1:0.97-79.fc16 will be obsoleted
> ---> Package grub-efi.x86_64 1:0.97-83.fc17 will be obsoleting
> ---> Package grub2.x86_64 1:1.99-9.fc17 will be obsoleting

> the final result was
> Dependencies Resolved
> ========================================================================================================================
>  Package                              Arch                Version
> Repository           Size
> ========================================================================================================================
> Installing:
>  grub-efi                             x86_64
>  1:0.97-83.fc17                      koji                120 k
>      replacing  grub.x86_64 1:0.97-79.fc16
>  grub2                                x86_64
>  1:1.99-9.fc17                       koji                1.2 M
>      replacing  grub.x86_64 1:0.97-79.fc16

Yes, that's intended.

> which wasn't why I wanted at all since I was trying to avoid grub2 for
> the moment. I also thought from the list that grub-efi was going to be
> a subpackage of grub but maybe I read too quickly.

It is.

> I didn't look too closely and did a kernel update later. This resulted
> in another problem with grubby

> But in fact grub.conf did get updated.

Yup, that seems to be what happens.

> So the question is, what do I have now? My guess is that while I have
> this system running I should quickly follow the instructions to boot
> with grub2.

Actually booting should still work, as grub will still be in the MBR.
But to be 'supported' you should switch to grub2, yes.
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