Sourcing one spec from another permissible?

Nicolas Chauvet kwizart at
Mon Oct 17 14:57:13 UTC 2011

2011/10/17 Richard Shaw <hobbes1069 at>:
> NOTE (just for Jon :): This is for RPM Fusion but the question is a
> technical one.
> I'm looking at packaging zfs for Fedora (via RPM Fusion) and it has a
> single source package but contains two spec files. One for the
> utilities (zfs{,-devel,-dracut,-test}) and one for the kernel module
> (zfs-modules). The one for the kernel module is a mess of macros and
> I'd rather not keep it inline with the main spec that I've gotten nice
> and clean/readable.
> The only other solution I know of is to create two SRPMS which use the
> same source, which I don't like. They may not use any common files so
> I guess I could split the source archive but that's not a very clean
> method either.
> Is it technically possible to "source in" an spec from within a spec?

If that really worth it, I would create a package dropping several
macros into /etc/rpm.
Then I could reuse them in the two different spec files.

But I don't think moving macros that are only common between two spec
files will enhance readability,
because you will need to search the meaning into another spec file.
And that will be difficult to maintain if you need adjustment for a
given version.

At least that concept is already used by various packages, including
kmodtool, to extend the rpm macros set of functions.

Nicolas (kwizart)

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