synergy-plu, synergy, and gnome3

Laine Stump laine at
Mon Oct 17 18:01:22 UTC 2011

The version of synergy-plus currently in Fedora doesn't work well with 
gnome3; I had noticed this because I couldn't get the mouse past the 
menubar to an alternate screen configured to be "north", but there are 
other problems as well:

Since the synergy package is orphanedin Fedora, I was going to file a 
bug against synergy-plus pointing at the above report/patch, but then I 
saw that synergy-plus and synergy have re-merged, and the project will 
be called simply "synergy" in the future.

So, I'm wondering 1) which package I should file the bug against, and 2) 
if we're going to switch back to synergy from synergy-plus, what needs 
to be done (and by who) in the packages to make that happen.

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