Building cpufreq modules into F16 kernel is it right or wrong?

alekcejk at alekcejk at
Mon Oct 17 18:54:53 UTC 2011


The purpose of this bug was to provide native systemd script for cpuspeed in Fedora 16

But instead of adding systemd script which should load cpufreq modules other
solution was provided - cpufreq modules was compiled as built-in in Fedora 16 kernel.

This decision was based on assumption that
"kernel itself can really decide which cpufreq driver to use".

But this assumption was wrong for my system which have BIOS option
for disabling CPU frequency scaling (SpeedStep).

If SpeedStep is enabled in BIOS then kernel uses acpi-cpufreq built-in module
but if I will disable frequency scaling in BIOS kernel still loads cpufreq module
but p4-clockmod instead of acpi-cpufreq.

Such kernel behavior is not what expected because there is no way to
really disable frequency scaling for me. So decision to compile cpufreq modules
into kernel looks wrong for me and should be revised.

Alexey Kurov <nucleo at>

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