Greetings from Olin -- and a package

Jon Ciesla limb at
Tue Oct 18 00:42:58 UTC 2011

> Greetings from the quirky engineering school we call Olin. We three
> (Kevin,
> Ashley, and I) are getting a crash course on packaging and other release
> engineering skills from Sebastian (Sdz
> We've produced a package for the io programming language.
> Someone interested in taking a look? It has some interesting make configs
> --
> it likes to compile libraries both static and dynamic linking (=[).

Greetings!  One minor wrinkle:

io-language is already in Fedora.

In the interest of not raining on your parade, I'll give you two pieces of
information.  One, we have a Wishlist of things that might be good places
to start pacakging.

Two, I'm the Fedora maintainer of the existing Io-language RPM, so if
you're amenable, I might take a look and see if there's anything I can
apply to the current package.  Also, if you're familiar with Io-language
and want to co-maintain it once sponsored, that's fine as well.

Once you submit other reviews, feel free to shoot me an email with BZ
numbers, since I can also sponsor new packagers.

Peace and welcome,

> Cheers,
> Colin
>   Olin College '12
>   Electrical & Computer Engineering
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