Sourcing one spec from another permissible?

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Tue Oct 18 06:06:51 UTC 2011

Richard Shaw wrote:
> Yeah, it's a hack, but it works pretty well. Now the kernel module
> SRPM will be available as part of the build results. Anyone have a
> better idea?

Instead of trying to come up with clever hacks, please look at how existing 
kernel modules are packaged in RPM Fusion. They always have 2 SRPMs, by 
design, a -common package with the userspace parts (if there's no userspace 
code at all, it just contains documentation and such) and a package for the 
kernel module. They are not built as subpackages because the -common package 
is only built when the code changes, whereas the kernel module is rebuilt 
for each kernel.

The problems you're encountering have all already be solved, please follow 
the existing guidelines:

Any further questions about packaging of kernel modules are best asked on 
the rpmfusion-devel mailing list.

        Kevin Kofler

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