Building cpufreq modules into F16 kernel is it right or wrong?

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Tue Oct 18 15:57:35 UTC 2011

Marcos Mello wrote:

>  <alekcejk <at>> writes:
>> Kernel don't have parameter which can disable using cpufreq built-in modules.
>> This is the main problem because it makes using frequency scaling
>> unconditional.
> Here's what I use. I hope it can help you.
> - Install kernel-tools package
> - Start/enable cpupower.service
> - If you want a different governor than performance edit
> /etc/sysconfig/cpupower and replace it in the CPUPOWER_START_OPTS line
> Marcos

Changing governor can't help me, I need frequency scaling completely disabled.
cpupower.service starts cpupower which can't set frequency
which I set in BIOS (slightly overclocked).
This is cpufreq modules problem because frequency which
I set is not in range which can be detected by 
cpufreq modules and cpupower.

I have no such problems only when cpufreq modules not loaded.
Loading module immediately sets wrong frequency in /proc/cpuinfo
while real frequency shown by 'cpupower monitor' is equal
to what I set in BIOS.
That's why forcing cpufreq module loading by building them
into kernel is unacceptable for me.

Loading modules by starting service was more flexible.

Alexey Kurov <nucleo at>

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