No install icon on Fedora 16 Live - blocker bug?

valent.turkovic at valent.turkovic at
Wed Oct 19 20:58:47 UTC 2011

I talked regarding this issue on this mailing list, but didn't go
through official ways (bugzilla) to report this bug.

As I'm much less active on Fedora mailing list than before I'm not
sure if this issue has come up or not.

In case that it hasn't I have reported this issue as an official bug,
and hopefully this issue gets some attention.

If you have hardware that starts GNOME 3 in compatibility mode there
is no install icon on the desktop.


Jack is local Fedora and Linux evangelist, he explains to his friend
July how Fedora is awesome and easy to install. He demos Fedora
installed on his laptop by booting up Live Fedora Desktop version and
shows that she needs just to click on install icon.
July comes home and boots up Fedora installed on her PC, but she
doesn't see any icon that she can click on to start installation


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