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Thu Oct 20 19:13:30 UTC 2011

Howdy, folks!

My name is Solomon Peachy, and I've been using the handle 'pizza' since 
before my PFY days.  I've been doing this Linux thing for quite some 
time now -- My home directory dates back to Red Hat Linux 4.2, and I've 
been using Linux as my primary desktop for more than a decade, but it 
wasn't until relatively recently that I've become more actively involved 
in upstream machinations.

I've been doing kernel hacking most of my professional life.  Primarily 
device driver work, but also board ports and general tweaking to make 
embedded systems (when that still used to mean something) do their 
things.  I'm most infamous for my work on the long-obselete 
'linux-wlan-ng' project that drove the old Prism2 802.11b WLAN devices, 
but I've written a complete 802.11 stack and drivers for half a dozen 
different WLAN chipsets.  I've contributed minor stuff to gutenprint, 
sane, ALSA, SDL, and to the Linux kernel itself.

In parallel, I've also used RHL/Fedora heavily for server deployments, 
and even rolled my own rpm update/sync mechanism back in the bad old 
days before yum and apt-rpm.  I've written many a specfile and kickstart 
over the years.

I'm finally putting myself through the Fedora Contributors process 
because I'm probably going to be taking over the 'sysusage' package:

Anyway, back to $dayjob and documentation updates!

 - Solomon
Solomon Peachy        		       pizza at shaftnet dot org	 
Melbourne, FL                          ^^ (mail/jabber/gtalk) ^^
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.
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