BEWARE: a problematic glibc made it to stable (F16)

David Airlie airlied at
Fri Oct 21 17:55:37 UTC 2011

> > The Glibc package maintainer.  I'm pretty sure he understands
> > upstream, and FESCo should probably start the discussion with him
> > first anyway.
> I'm not exactly sure what glibc "upstream" (defined as people without
> commit rights to Fedora git) have to do with this at all.  The issue
> AIUI is that unproven glibc changes are getting committed to stable
> Fedora branches rather than rawhide where they belong.  Surely, this
> is a matter to discuss with the Fedora maintainer(s) of glibc and
> nobody
> else.

They are mostly the same people.

Its not like glibc is that inviting for a development community to gather around.


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