[ACTION REQUIRED v2] Retiring packages in F-16

Vincent Beers vincentbeers at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 19:50:29 UTC 2011


I am replying to let you know that I succeeded in building gwaei. It
took a fair bit of effort to get it going, because apparently the
configure script that comes with gWaei doesn't properly pick up on
64-bit libraries (or Fedora's or the maintainer's gtk+-3 pkgconfig
wasn't sane, or *something*). But in the end, it is now working nicely
with a Gnome 3-like interface on my computer.

Not only that, but the version of gWaei that was included in Fedora 15
was apparently *really* old (which might explain why it was broken).

Some details on how to get it to compile are here:

If there is no package maintainer, I'm willing to try and be one, since
I'm a bit of a fan of the software. (Though I'll have to study up on
package maintaining.)

- Vincent Beers

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