Systemd conversion versus updates in back Fedora branches

Tom Lane tgl at
Mon Oct 24 03:52:53 UTC 2011

The current packaging guidelines require packages that update from sysv
init scripts to systemd scripts to provide conversion triggers that are
fired on the basis of an NVR comparison:

That is, we assume that we know that all releases with NVR < some-cutoff
use initscripts and all releases with NVR >= same-cutoff use systemd.
The comments in the above-linked page acknowledge that this means it's
impossible to upgrade the package to a newer upstream release in
pre-systemd Fedora branches.  (You can't just move the cutoff value
forward, because then an upgrade in F16 or later will mistakenly re-fire
the update trigger.)

I'm really getting to the point where that's a completely unacceptable
restriction.  I've already blown off one mysql bug-fix release in F15
because of this restriction, and I see they just released another one
that I'll be unable to ship in F15 because the systemd guys failed to do
their homework, and there are likely to be several more before F15 dies.

The idea I have at the moment is to ignore the advice to check package
version, and instead have the triggerun script check to see whether the
mysql sysv initscript file is present.  I wonder whether anyone else has
dealt with this and has working scriptlets?

			regards, tom lane

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