Suggest 744217 blocker for F16

Jes Sorensen Jes.Sorensen at
Mon Oct 24 08:57:30 UTC 2011


I realize this is last minute, but I just realized this wasn't marked as
a blocker already, and I am still pretty new to the Fedora package process.

I would like to recommend this one being accepted as a blocker for F16:

The bug in question is related to BIOS raid, in particular when
installing root on the raid device. The previous mdadm package has a bug
in it which prevents dirty raids from being assembled at boot, which is
fixed in mdadm-3.2.2-12. This affects both booting from the install
image and installed systems!

The problem is particularly nasty since if one configures a new BIOS
raid, it will be marked dirty straight away and install will be
impossible. In addition, if one has a clean raid and upgrades or
installs to it, but then manages to dirty it, boot will no longer be
possible and one cannot run updates. In other words, a zero-day fix
would be highly suboptimal.


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