UsrMove feature (was Re: FESCo meeting minutes for 2011-10-24)

Przemek Klosowski przemek.klosowski at
Mon Oct 24 19:14:09 UTC 2011

>> ===================================
>> #fedora-meeting: FESCO (2011-10-24)
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>>    * Discussion about
>>      (t8m, 17:26:45)

which, among other things, proposes that "/usr/sbin can be moved also to 

Chris Adams commented:
> I'm also not sold on eliminating sbin directories (I like having "system
> admin" type stuff kept separate), and I don't see why that needs to be
> rolled into the same feature (especially as just a footnote, not a
> top-line change).

Agreed---for one thing, there are 758 executables in my */sbin 
directories, so it makes it harder to find the non-system commands (e.g. 
when doing command-line completion), which is probably the common case.

For another thing, some system commands in */sbin could have undesired 
side effects when used inadvertently, so I think it's a good idea to 
keep them off the default PATH.

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