UsrMove feature (was Re: FESCo meeting minutes for 2011-10-24)

Bill Nottingham notting at
Tue Oct 25 20:00:41 UTC 2011

Alexander Kurtakov (akurtako at said: 
> Someone would have to find a "killer feature" to justify touching this amount 
> of packages :). Not to mention that such changes should happen upstream and I 
> (probably a number of other maintainers too) would not maintain local patches 
> for smth like it, but if someone convince upstreams to use the new way I 
> wouldn't mind it at all too.
> Please everyone think first what amount of other work can be done for the time 
> needed to modify these 5319 packages.

I'm not sure why this would even be discussed.

ln -s /usr/bin /bin, and move along to other business.


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