UsrMove feature

Tom Lane tgl at
Tue Oct 25 21:47:15 UTC 2011

=?iso-8859-1?q?Bj=F6rn_Persson?= <bjorn at> writes:
> It's particularly odd that I can use /sbin/mkfs to make a disk image without 
> privileges, but /bin/mount won't mount it even if I own both the image and the 
> mount point. The division into bin and sbin seems rater arbitrary and I see no 
> significant advantages with it. Thus I support the plan to move everything to 
> /usr/bin.

That is a pretty lame argument: you can fix that much less intrusively
by putting both /bin and /sbin in your PATH.  Which indeed has been the
default on Fedora for some time now, I believe.

			regards, tom lane

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