GLib header change in rawhide

Matthias Clasen mclasen at
Wed Oct 26 14:40:57 UTC 2011

It was pointed out that some changes in GLib 2.31 may cause some fallout
and may be worth calling out explicitly:

- it is no longer possible to include individual headers. If your
package runs into this problem, just replace the problematic includes
with #include <glib.h>

- a number of thread-related apis have been rewritten and some have been
deprecated. if you are affected by this, building without
-DG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED in CFLAGS should help you along.

- gobject-2.0.pc no longer requires gthread-2.0.pc. This might affect
you in that the linker might complain about g_thread_init. There's two
possible fixes: a) remove the call to g_thread_init(), it is no longer
needed with glib 2.31 or b) explicitly add gthread-2.0 to the list of pc
files in


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