UsrMove feature (was Re: FESCo meeting minutes for 2011-10-24)

Harald Hoyer harald.hoyer at
Thu Oct 27 09:00:20 UTC 2011

On 10/26/2011 09:05 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-10-26 at 15:40 +0200, Harald Hoyer wrote:
>> On 10/24/2011 08:05 PM, Chris Adams wrote:
>>>> ===================================
>>>> #fedora-meeting: FESCO (2011-10-24)
>>>> ===================================
>>>>     * Discussion about
>>>>       (t8m, 17:26:45)
>> Sometimes you have to clean up your room and tidy up the mess, which
>> piled up over time. This cleanup can be done on one day and checked in
>> by one person. It's not rocket science! It does not break anything,
>> because the compat symlinks will _not_ go away.
> Every time someone says this, something winds up breaking anyway,
> because of some kind of oddness like situations where the symlinks
> aren't read or become recursive, or selinux issues (always a fun one)!

I am running my F16 system with all these symlinks now for quiet a 
while. Despite the consolehelper symlinks, I have not encountered any 
problem. Even rpm updates seem to work fine. But I agree, the devil is 
in the detail, and we surely will find something, which does not work. 
But I don't think, these problems are severe and not easily fixable.

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