Rawhide kernel rebased to 3.2

Josh Boyer jwboyer at redhat.com
Thu Oct 27 11:50:50 UTC 2011

The rawhide kernel has been rebased to the initial wave of commits that
will eventually become Linux 3.2.  I haven't built the kernel in koji
yet, but I will probably do so tomorrow or Monday, depending on how well
a local build works when I test it.

There was a large driver movement in the ethernet drivers that caused a
bunch of config option changes.  I think I got them all right and we
should still have all of the ethernet drivers we had enabled before
still being built.  However, if you upgrade and notice a driver you were
using is now missing please file a bug and let us know!

Aside from the ethernet driver movement, there are of course a wide
variety of changes and fixes coming in.  The linux-next tree for 3.2
submission was the second largest ever, weighing in around 11,000
commits that need to get merged.  This is mostly due to the kernel.org
compromise causing the 3.1 release to drag on.  Fortunately, Linus is
being a bit of a stickler on what he will pull for 3.2 for a variety of
reasons.  Hopefully that helps us as we continue to bring in snapshots
of the merge.

Hang on, it might be a bit of a bumpy ride :).


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