Remaining F16 blockers and F16 planning (2011-10-26)

Phil Knirsch pknirsch at
Thu Oct 27 12:53:15 UTC 2011

On 10/27/2011 12:57 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hey, folks. This mail brought to you by my ever-increasing empty liquor
> bottle collection and ever-receding hairline.
> We unfortunately still have open blockers today, which means we will
> likely do a TC3 compose tonight instead of RC1. The remaining
> unaddressed blockers are:
> 1. "PackageKit yum
> backend uses incorrect encoding for dynamic category names, makes them
> show up with '?' characters in KPackageKit"
> Nils reported that he would complete work on this today, but has not
> checked in today at all. This leaves us somewhat stuck, as only Richard
> Hughes and Nils are really qualified to work on this. Richard is away
> this week.

Just heard from Nils that that should be resolved by now, see

> 2. "KDE fails to
> start inside a VM , large amount of memory [@ miCopyRegion]"
> Soren fixed the initial issue, but KDE on qxl still doesn't really work
> correctly. Details and logs are in the latest comments on the bug, and
> I'm currently uploading a live image for convenient reproduction. Again,
> contributions are welcome here.
> 3. "New Install of
> Fedora 16 TC1 on iBFT iSCSI NIC fails on first reboot"
> Again, we're still rather looking for information from the reporter
> here. Tim may be able to acquire an iBFT NIC for testing today.
> 4. "Totem doesn't
> display video when using software 3D rendering"
> Did not hear from ajax in relation to this bug today. Again, we really
> need development input on this one.
> 5. "heap corruption
> via multi-threaded "git grep""
> This is the bug in glibc 12.999 and 13 which can at least potentially
> cause just about any app to crash. We're in the middle of addressing it;
> a fixed glibc is out for testing and we are now mass-rebuilding all
> packages which hit stable since glibc 12.999 made it to the buildroot.
> This, obviously, isn't speeding up the whole release process any.
> Thanks everyone!

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