UsrMove feature (was Re: FESCo meeting minutes for 2011-10-24)

Lennart Poettering mzerqung at
Sun Oct 30 17:53:48 UTC 2011

On Fri, 28.10.11 14:26, Zing (zing at wrote:

> On Fri, 28 Oct 2011 11:47:04 +0200, Harald Hoyer wrote:
> > Read the rpm snippet on the feature page, please.
> I just briefly browsed the feature page and the requirement on initramfs 
> piqued me.  Maybe I'm wrong, but usrmove would then make fedora systems 
> from now on specifically require the use of an initramfs?  Not too happy 
> with the loss of flexibility here if that's true.

We do not support initrd-less boots at all right now on Fedora. It
breaks SELinux and Plymouth and a couple of other things. [ I am
actually quite interested to make things work without initrd again, and
in F16 the SELinux situation at least has been fixed, with only Plymouth
leaving, but this has never been an official release goal, just
something I worked on with system. ]

So, given that we currently don't support initrd-less boots at all I
think the /usr move changes nothing in this regard for now.

On top of that note that /usr split off and not mounted in initrd has
been broken since ages, so there isn't any news in it anyway.


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