So you want to test an unstable GIMP...

Nils Philippsen nils at
Thu Sep 1 10:45:56 UTC 2011

...or so I've heard[1]. Here we go:

Herewith I announce the officially unofficial unstable GIMP for Fedora

I've held off making packages of the 2.7.x series for a long time, but
thankfully Luya Tshimbalanga has offered his own versions of these on
his fedorapeople repository, compensating for my slackness in that
regard in the meantime.

However, since I whined about testing on what will eventually become
official packages (and because I'm a stickler for having signed packages
in publicly available repos[2] -- I'm looking at you, spot), I've
decided to bite the bullet and wrap up some packages by myself.

Here's the gist (in no particular order):

- Don't bother if you (or your spouse/kids/dog) are offended by having
to look at a caged Wilber dominated by a goat in garters every single
time you start the program. The rest of you may discuss the sheer
brilliance of this metaphor.
- Save early, save often and don't overwrite originals.
- The packages are for Fedora 15, 16 and Rawhide (14 is missing
dependencies all over the place -- gtk2, glib2, babl, gegl) and are
signed with my GnuPG key[2]. Its fingerprint is in my email signature
since a few years, I guess that'll have to do.
- No patches anymore since everything is upstreamed. Woot!
- External and third party plugins and scripts should work with this
version. If GIMP warns you about these using deprecated interfaces,
report this to the author(s) of the plugin in question. Crashes should
be reported upstream to both GIMP and the plugin author(s).
- These packages contain configuration which kicks ABRT in the shin so
it won't generate reports for GIMP executables. If you run into bugs
which are related to packaging, send me an email, otherwise report them
to the upstream Bugzilla[3]. No tickets on for
these, please.
- No delta RPMs (yet) as I'm too lazy to download the old versions for
three distro versions and two architectures right now.
- I'll probably throw in git snapshots when I feel like it.
- The packages are called as they stable ones are (no "unstable" or
"beta" in their names) and override the official Fedora packages. No way
to install both stable and unstable packages at the same time.
- Saving only saves to GIMP's native image format XCF. Nowadays you
export to formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF.
- If you want to use the new single window mode, you need to activate it
in the "Windows" menu once. It's not the default.
- GIMP will migrate settings from stable releases. If you want to start
with a clean slate, move away or remove the ~/.gimp-2.6 folder (or that
of any older stable GIMP version) before starting this GIMP version for
the first time.

Here's how you get this:
- Download a release file for this repository (e.g. [4]) and install it.
- Update your packages if you have gimp installed already, "yum install
gimp gimp-help-browser" otherwise.

Here's how you get rid of this and get the stable version back.
- "rpm -e fedora-gimp-unstable-release"
- "yum downgrade gimp\*"

It's probably a good idea to not enable both Luya's and my repository at
the same time. To switch between them, disable the repo configuration of
the used repo, "yum downgrade gimp\*" to get back to the official
versions, then enable the new one and "yum update".

As soon as Fedora carries official packages, these will supersede the
unstable versions. At that time you should uninstall the
fedora-gimp-unstable-release package, or else installing/updating
packages may fail when I remove the repository (as I'll probably forget
to tell you about it then).

Have fun and don't let it bite you.


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