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Tue Sep 6 05:50:08 UTC 2011

On 09/03/2011 09:47 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
>> On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 07:46, Reindl Harald<h.reindl at>
>> wrote:
> We need to get a provenpackager to just poke through all the packages and
> fix them instead of waiting for the maintainers.

In some cases that would work ( as in if the maintainer would sanction 
the unit file and a proven packager would take care of packaging and 
shipping it my wiki page was prepared for such an scenario  )  but 
knowing first hand and as I have mentioned before we cant do that with 
one exception and that is in the case of nonresponsive maintainers.

What's slowing the adoption of systemd aren't the responsive maintainers 
which are looking into this, it's the non responsive ones.

Once a maintainer becomes unresponsive it causes major pain and resource 
drain across various groups within the community.

When that happens to the maintainer ( or any person for that matter ) he 
should reduce his load and drop the component(s) or reach out to the 
community for co-maintainer ship or other potential needs he requires to 
reduce his loads and reach/keep the right balance he needs.

If he does not he is just causing himself unneeded stress in his life 
which will eventually lead to an burnout and potential other 
complications in his personal life and potentially to his own health.

Unfortunately people have a hard time realizing ( and react ) when they 
are in that situation until it's too late and they find themselves 
sitting in a darkroom alone popping pills staring endlessly at the 
monitor while an lynchmob of needy/greedy users with torches are 
knocking on their door demanding more of that free coolaid...

Unfortunately afaik we arent helping in that regards as in putting limit 
on how many components you can maintain in the distro and so on and so 
fourth to help preventing ( or at least reducing likelihood of ) 
scenarios like that to happen.

There is one thing I have learned ( so far in the conversion process ) 
and that is that the current model surrounding maintainers and 
maintainership followed by various policies surrounding that model which 
we use here in Fedora as in maintainers "Own" their components ( 
ownership model ) cannot deal with large scale changes like systemd 
introduces amongst other things and I will go so far to say that module 
effectively became outdated when Fedora stopped being hobby distro ( 
which happened the instance people/corporates started depending on 
fedora and the components it ships which kinda says it never was ) made 
up of relatively few components with relatively few maintainers and an 
hand full of users but that discussion belongs in another thread.

> We should also remove this stupid "cannot migrate to a native systemd unit
> in an update" rule. If a native systemd unit file gets written, it should be
> pushed out to F16 and F15 immediately.

With my QA hat on I nack such an proposal in an instance...


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