Best practices for patch management on RPM based packages?

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at
Tue Sep 6 15:59:27 UTC 2011

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

I think quilt works ok with Fedora scm (or RPM Fusion cvs) since
everything lives in one directory. I'm trying to get it to place nice
with rpmbuild because not everything I'm working on is in Fedora or
RPM Fusion.

Also, I like to use rpmbuild as kind of a sandbox for me to try things
out without worrying about messing anything up.

It would be nice to add some sort of configuration option to quilt so
it could query rpm to see where everything is located. I'm currently
using the _topdir relocation so that all the pacakages are separated,

~/rpmbuild/%{name}/{BUILD,SPECS, etc..}

I've tried running quilt from the SOURCES directory and pointing to
the spec (../SPEC/%{name}.spec) but it still didn't do anything


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