comps headsup: plan to drop langpacks from language-support groups in

Jens Petersen petersen at
Fri Sep 9 05:20:17 UTC 2011


yum-langpacks has been working pretty well now for a while in Fedora,
but all langpacks are still listed conditionally in comps' language support groups
in addition to the <langpacks> meta-section.

So for F17 I'd like to remove them all from comps,
this will simplify comps a lot and if we can also
remove the resulting empty language support groups
it will also reduce the comps translation burden
in addition to comps maintenance.

A few things I noted while attempting to prune comps-f17:

- most of the remaining packages in language support group are fonts and input-methods
  - perhaps the mandatory/default ones could Provide: fonts(lang) and input-method(lang).
- normal anaconda installs support installation of multiple language support groups
  - I think it would be better to move the list of languages out of comps into anaconda itself
    (they are already translated in iso-codes, etc)
  - anaconda could then set langpack_locales to install langpacks for multiple languages
- we maybe need to add a new "yum install-lang" command say to replace "yum install @<lang>-support"
  which could use a more aggressive version of yum-langpacks to pull the required packages.
- @base and @office still list aspell-en, hunspell-en, and libreoffice-langpack-en conditionally
  which I think could be dropped.

Anyway the fact that we can remove 1500 basically redundant lines now
from comps thanks to Bill's great work on yum-langpacks is good news and
would be a big win IMHO.  This might well make a good F17 Feature.


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