comps headsup: plan to drop langpacks from language-support groups in

Bill Nottingham notting at
Fri Sep 9 17:14:41 UTC 2011

Jens Petersen (petersen at said: 
> yum-langpacks has been working pretty well now for a while in Fedora,
> but all langpacks are still listed conditionally in comps' language support groups
> in addition to the <langpacks> meta-section.
> So for F17 I'd like to remove them all from comps,
> this will simplify comps a lot and if we can also
> remove the resulting empty language support groups
> it will also reduce the comps translation burden
> in addition to comps maintenance.

Now that I think about it... removing the empty language
group will remove anaconda/yum's ability to install that
language via kickstart/selection. So we would need to add
some of the things you mention later to maintain some sort
of feature parity.


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