OpenCV update to 2.3.1 (ABI change).

Nicolas Chauvet kwizart at
Sat Sep 10 11:57:13 UTC 2011

2011/8/21 Nicolas Chauvet <kwizart at>:
> Hello,
> I've to updated opencv to 2.3.1 in f16 and rawhide today.
> This will involve an ABI change so a rebuild of the dependent packages
> are needed:
> player
> kipi-plugins
> libkface
> gstreamer-plugin-bad-extras
> mrpt
> fawkes
> player
> I've submitted a build override that should be available in 20minutes
> from now for f16:
> that until tuesday.

There is still an issue with this update.
>From the package perspective everything is OK. This update Fix a FTBFS
and removes patches finally merged upstream.
This trigger an ABI bump like every single OpenCV update.

Now the point is that the above listed dependencies are still not push
in testing.
I don't have the right to submit a ticket with packages I don't own.
Thanks to Rex Dieter, the package was rebuilt and a ticket was created
replacing the one I've submitted, but all packages are still not in

Can some provenpackager look into this?


Nicolas (kwizart)

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