Development to release quality

Matej Cepl mcepl at
Mon Sep 12 10:01:17 UTC 2011

Dne 12.9.2011 11:26, Alex Hudson napsal(a):
> I view this as entirely equivalent to having a rule about not breaking
> trunk in version control: I don't know anyone who seriously argues that
> breaking a project compile is a good thing. Breaking the OS should be
> culturally identical - that it's a "development branch" or whatever is
> totally irrelevant.

Too much QA (or any external QA) imposed on the development make it 
slower. Compare Linux v. OpenSolaris kernel development. Fedora tries to 
be very fast developing distro, thus less QA in the development version.

Of course, noone wants to break Rawhide, and as I know ssh maintainer he 
did his testing, but things happen and this slipped through.

Given the fast Rawhide development, I believe it will be fixed soon. In 
meantime, Rawhide eats babies! Yours!



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