Propsing ruby gems & foul language in license...

Darryl L. Pierce dpierce at
Mon Sep 12 13:22:35 UTC 2011

Someone pointed out an interesting Ruby gem [1] to me recently that I
thought about packaging for Fedora. The gem has a dependency tree that
includes several other gems that aren't in Fedora as well [2], so I'd
love it if a few people could pitch in to help out with maintaining (or
co-maintaining with me) the additional packages.

One of them, mg, has as its license the following (censored):

Written by [Ryan Tomayko](, extracted
by [Simon Rozet](

                       Version 2, December 2004

With similar text to follow. Basically the developer licensed it as
totally free, but the language is less than desirable.

Is this going to block the package from being added if propose? 

1 -
2 - So far I have identified church, colored, flay, flog, hirb, mg,
rails_best_practices, reek, roodi, ruby-progressbar and Saikuro, but
think there may be a few more under them.

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