What do rawhide testers want and expect?

Alexandre Mazari scaroo at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 07:55:06 UTC 2011

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for putting this issue on the table.

I am using Rawhide as my primary development environment. Indeed it
offers a mostly up-to-date development target for the next gnome

But the situation is far from ideal, rawhide expectantly breaks major
components once in a while (Xorg, gnome, emacs, empathy,
evolution...), making my workday often begin with fiddling with koji
builds and/or version reverting.

Gnome offers jhbuild for that use-case but it has its shortcomings
too. Obviously the major one being the need for a daily long
compilation step.

Still rawhide is the closest to a daily gnome build with latest and
greatest libs (and their API/ABI breaks :/).

Hopefully the Gnome OS initiative will fix that with tested SDK daily
images not impacted by subsystems (kernel and co) breaks.

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