noarch vs missing deps

Farkas Levente lfarkas at
Fri Sep 16 17:54:01 UTC 2011

the same problem happened against which i try to discuss earlier.
gstreamer-java is pure java package so it'd have to package as a noarch
package. which is true and can be working. but it has a subpackage
gstreamer-java-swt which is depend on eclipse-swt but still arch
independent. but when i try to build it in fedora's mock it goes most of
the time (as the noarch packages used to) to the ppc build server which
are try to satisfy it's buildreq. but it's depend on libswt3-gtk2 (which
is provided by eclipse-swt). but as eclipse can't be build on ppc (at
least i assume so) the ppc build server can't build it. even if the
resulting jar can be used/run even on windows!?
the worst part that i can't write ExcludeArch into a noarch rpm since
rpm do not allow it.
what is the solution? do i really have to make it none noarch?
or try richard's solution ie. try a few build and if it's choose x86
build server then i lucky!:-(

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