Virtualization Test Day for F16 and Xen

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Fri Sep 16 19:09:58 UTC 2011

On Fri, 2011-09-16 at 12:14 +0300, Myroslav Opyr wrote:
> Hi,
> What Xen implementation is considered "supported" for FC16 DomU? I'm
> asking because on "Xen implementation" we were testing yesterday FC16
> DomU installation failed compared to FC15 DomU success on the very
> same Dom0. Are failures like we've encountered candidates for
> bugreports?

Any failure's a candidate for a bug report if it's a bug in a Fedora
package. =)

As far as the release criteria go, we're actually probably going to dump
that Xen criterion, as we don't actually remember why it's there in the
first place. It was added at Jesse Keating's request back in 2009, but
he can't remember why and isn't aware of any current reason why Xen
client functionality should be vital for Fedora. We suspect that, back
then, we were running some bit of infra or the build system on Xen and
hence needed it to be working.

> Is there a place (wikipage, bugzilla keyword, etc.) to collect Fedora
> 16 Xen issues?

There may be a tracking bug, I'm not could always set one up
though, it doesn't really need any special privileges.

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