how to have yum prefer one dependency over others

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Sat Sep 17 07:03:15 UTC 2011

On 17 September 2011 02:36, Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at> wrote:
> So you came up with this really complex heuristic in a vain attempt to
> always do the right thing without requiring changes to the packages, and now
> it does a completely wrong thing which would be straightforward to avoid,
> and suddenly it's the packages that need fixing? Huh?

Sure, I don't understand this either. The whole %{isa} thing is a
crutch. I can't think of a single case where I want a new i386 package
to satisfy a dep on my x86_64 system that's not *explicitly*
specified. If the correct package isn't available, then just skip this
package until the next updates check, and hope the repos are in a more
sane state next time.

Anyway, if anyone wants to know the fesco ticket, it's here:


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