how to make systemd wait for a process to die?

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Mon Sep 19 20:08:53 UTC 2011

On Mon, 19.09.11 21:26, Juan Orti Alcaine (j.orti.alcaine at wrote:

> Yes, it's a poor choice for the daemon to use SIGHUP, I have found a lot of
> oddities with this program.
> A collateral effect of this is that the router advertisement daemon (radvd)
> is run as a child and meanwhile gogoc is closing the tunnel, radvd is
> reloading its configuration, and then dying with SIGKILL, because it never
> receives a SIGTERM, doesn't it?

This sounds to me as if you need to set KillMode=process. The default
KillMode is "control-group" which means all processes in the cgroup get
a SIGHUP if you use this in conjunction with KillSignal=SIGHUP. However,
if you want to make sure that only the parent PID gets the SIGHUP (which
is then responsible to kill the child, too), then use KillMode=process.

> Thank you and good work with systemd, it's fantastic!



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