Zif backport repository for F15 available for testing

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Mon Sep 19 23:51:31 UTC 2011


I have put up a repository with an updated zif snapshot for Fedora 15 at:

The repository also includes a rebuild of PackageKit to deal with the bumped
zif soname. This should only affect PackageKit-zif, but all subpackages
including the main package are rebuilt, and provided because of the strict
%{version}-%{release} dependencies.

WARNING: This is a backport repository for testing purposes. Zif in Fedora
         15 should be considered a technology preview. This repository
         updates it to a newer version, which is a major improvement over
         what's currently in Fedora 15, but should still be considered a
         technology preview. It needs all the testing it can get, which is
         the purpose of this repository.

Please note that the "zif" package itself contains only the library, you
will want one or more of the following packages, which all require zif:

* PackageKit-zif: Probably the most interesting one. Adds support for zif to
  PackageKit (and thus gnome-packagekit and KPackageKit). Please read the
  notes at https://github.com/hughsie/zif/blob/master/README.PackageKit for
  how to enable it (or just remove PackageKit-yum if you're really brave ;-) ).

* zif-tools: This contains the command-line "zif" utility, useful for
  debugging. It can also be used as a replacement for the yum command line,
  though that's not really what it is designed for. (In particular, do NOT
  expect support for all those fancy yum plugins, nor for the yum history.)
  But if you're a command-line junkie who wants something faster than yum to
  play with, you might end up liking it anyway. ;-)

* zif-devel, if you're a developer and want to use zif in your own code.
  Otherwise you'll have little to no use for this particular subpackage. ;-)

Any issues with the repository itself should be reported to me, any issues
encountered with the actual software should be reported to Richard Hughes
(by filing a bug against zif at bugzilla.redhat.com).

        Kevin Kofler

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