Responsibility for rebuilding dependent components, was: F-16 Branched report: 20110920 changes

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at
Tue Sep 20 17:29:18 UTC 2011

Am Dienstag, den 20.09.2011, 16:06 +0200 schrieb Nicolas Chauvet:
> I'm the maintainer of opencv here.
> quick answear: I have no right to submit a bodhi update for packages I
> do not own. Given that I'm no in the provenpackager group.
> So as I cannot expect every single maintainers to respond in time, the
> consequence is that I depend on a provenpackager to do the whole task
> of "administrative rebuilt of dependent packages".
> Unfortunately it became a way more complicated task with the collapse
> of two bodhi tickets and others unexpected behaviour.

IHMO the proper way to deal with this is:
     1. Mail fedora-devel and owners of dependent packages (at least)
        one week in advance. This is a requirement and written down in
        our wiki [1]. repoquery and the foo-owner aliases should help
     2. Ask maintainers if they are ok with the update and willing/able
        to do a rebuild in time. Offer to rebuild packages if people are
        not able to do it. Request the necessary commit access in
     3. Once you have sufficient feedback, update opencv.
     4. Submit a buildroot overwrite for opencv but do not push it to
        stable or testing.
     5. Mail owners again and tell them they can now rebuild their
     6. Wait for feedback before you create an update. If you have
        commit access, you can include dependent packages in the update.
        Proven packager will not work.
     7. Mail owners again when you push the update from one tag to



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