Responsibility for rebuilding dependent components, was: F-16 Branched report: 20110920 changes

Nicolas Chauvet kwizart at
Tue Sep 20 19:28:43 UTC 2011

2011/9/20 Christoph Wickert <christoph.wickert at>:
> Am Dienstag, den 20.09.2011, 16:06 +0200 schrieb Nicolas Chauvet:
>> I'm the maintainer of opencv here.
>> quick answear: I have no right to submit a bodhi update for packages I
>> do not own. Given that I'm no in the provenpackager group.
>> So as I cannot expect every single maintainers to respond in time, the
>> consequence is that I depend on a provenpackager to do the whole task
>> of "administrative rebuilt of dependent packages".
>> Unfortunately it became a way more complicated task with the collapse
>> of two bodhi tickets and others unexpected behaviour.
> IHMO the proper way to deal with this is:
>     1. Mail fedora-devel and owners of dependent packages (at least)
>        one week in advance. This is a requirement and written down in
>        our wiki [1]. repoquery and the foo-owner aliases should help
>        here.
>     2. Ask maintainers if they are ok with the update and willing/able
>        to do a rebuild in time. Offer to rebuild packages if people are
>        not able to do it. Request the necessary commit access in
>        packagedb.
>     3. Once you have sufficient feedback, update opencv.
>     4. Submit a buildroot overwrite for opencv but do not push it to
>        stable or testing.
>     5. Mail owners again and tell them they can now rebuild their
>        packages
>     6. Wait for feedback before you create an update. If you have
>        commit access, you can include dependent packages in the update.
>        Proven packager will not work.
>     7. Mail owners again when you push the update from one tag to
>        another.
You missed the point, this process was started 3 weeks away from now
with the help of rdieter since then.

The problem is about this legitimate update that was truncated by some
bodhi ACL weirdness I didn't expected.

In others words, I've pushed this ticket to stable but only packages I
actually own was pushed to dist-16, others packages in this tickets
went back to limbo. This unexpected behavior evidently broke
While submitting this update to stable I was even informed that
packages I didn't own was tagged as dist-16. This didn't take into.

Nicolas (kwizart)

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