Proventester meetup today at 19:00 UTC

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Wed Sep 21 15:56:07 UTC 2011


Just a reminder that I am going to try and run a meetup of
proventesters in #fedora-meeting at 19:00 UTC today on 

If you are a proventester I hope you can drop by. If you are not, but
are interested in whats involved in becoming one and helping test, also
please drop by. 

Rough agenda: 

* What's required of proventesters?

* How do you become one?

* Resources
- fedora-easy-karma
- bodhi rss feeds
- bodhi command line
- updates reports/lists. 

* Focus on fedora 14 security and critpath updates. How can we move
  them along. 

* Is there enough interest to keep meeting?

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