Self Introduction - Chuck Rolke as user 'chug'

Chuck Rolke crolke at
Wed Sep 21 16:02:13 UTC 2011

Greetings all.

I'm working toward becoming a package maintainer for project vios-proxy.

Currently I'm working at Red Hat in the Enterprise MRG Messaging team where I support the Windows .NET messaging client binding. I am a committer for the Apache Qpid project where most of my work resides.

I've had a long career in computing since my professional coding practice began in the minicomputer era. My first pc was a PDP-8/M with 8k words of core (no stack and no bytes) and a paper tape operating system. A few of my lifetime-favorite software/hardware projects were based on the Signetics 8X305 microcontroller, a Harvard architecture device In 1985 my 8X305 receiver could process 192,000 messages per second indefinitely!

Anyhow, the upcoming Fedora vios-proxy project uses a virtioserial channel to proxy a network connection between a server in a QEMU host and a client in a QEMU guest. This scheme allows guest-host 'network' connections in the absence of actual network connections. You can read more about it in the project /doc pages. I intend to make this work for Fedora and I hope it proves useful.


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