grub1 support in grubby

Garrett Holmstrom gholms at
Thu Sep 22 04:05:19 UTC 2011

Given the grub1/grub2 discussion that is going on, I could use some info 
about the state of grubby's support for grub1.  The virtual machine 
images that the Cloud SIG publishes on Amazon EC2 do not require 
bootloaders, but they do require valid grub1 *configuration files* to 
start.  So while these images will survive grub1's eventual retirement, 
they will still need grubby to support grub1 configuration files for the 
foreseeable future so kernel updates can continue to work correctly.  Is 
that realistic?  Are there currently any plans to kill off grubby's 
grub1 support at some point?

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