Looking at retiring "chess"

Bruno Wolff III bruno at wolff.to
Thu Sep 22 12:47:12 UTC 2011

I was hoping to be able to work on a forked version of chess and have it
replace chess in Fedora, but I haven't had time to learn enough about
ogre to do this, and chess is broken enough now that there is no point
in including it any more. So I am looking at retiring it in f16+.

The current status is that upstream is dead, but OK with a fork. The
meshes use an old enough format that they don't appear to work any
more with recent ogres. (Previously there had been warnings about
obsolete formats.) The api for ogre has changed enough that chess crashes
pretty much for everyone even though it builds.

I'd still like to see the ogrechess fork get done someday, but given how
broken chess is currently, I don't think it is a good idea to keep it
in the repository any more.

Unless someone speaks up, with some plan to make the current version work
in the near future, I'll start the retirement process in about a week.

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