grub / grub2 conflicts

David Airlie airlied at
Thu Sep 22 18:44:00 UTC 2011

> On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 02:02:15PM -0400, David Airlie wrote:
> > you run rpm -q grub in the guest and on the host, if they are the
> > same nvr,
> > then they are the same package, where's the rocket science here.
> No, that's not good enough. You need to know the version installed on
> the system, not the packaged version. Upgrading the package doesn't
> cause grub-install to be rerun.
> > > There is no rational reason to have grub and grub2 installed on
> > > the
> > > same
> > > system at once, and having them both there increases the
> > > complexity
> > > of
> > > the system.
> > 
> > you can install KDE and GNOME and you are worrying about grub and
> > grub2?
> They don't both attempt to sit in the same few bytes.

Nicely editing out of the other use-case I supplied. grub and grub2 *packages* don't install into the same few bytes.

I thought you were good at backing up arguments with technical reasons, not strawmen.

The argument is "should it be possible to install grub1 and grub2 *packages* on the same system?"

The strawman is if you install grub1 and grub2 bootloaders into the MBR on the same system they will conflict. I totally agree with your strawman, but you still haven't provided any technical reasons why the argument is wrong. Above all people Matthew I thought you were aware of how strawmen work and would be against their use.


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