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> Doug,
> = If Autoqa is currently slow it is mainly because what developers
> who
> are working on it are also tasked with doing other things.

I made no reference or allusion to it being slow because people were slacking.  I myself have more to do than I have time in the day to accomplish it, so I know how that goes.

> How long
> did it take for autoqa to show up inside of RH? I know it was started
> in part by Wanger in 97-98 and reimplemented multiple times never
> getting very far because who ever was writing it would be told that
> qa'ing what is out there now was the high priority task.

One would hope that today we get the benefit of all those years of aborted attempts and can at least build upon what is already done internally.

> If you have
> extra time because is down, up or down doesn't affect my free time unfortunately.

> here are some places to look
> at
> what is going on, where you can help.
> There is a list here which shows what autoqa is doing per day:
> Development is here
> Here is the main webpage on autoqa

I've already volunteered for one project that's at least tangentially related to AutoQA and I'm having a hard time finding the time to do it justice, more would simply make everything I do worse.

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