How to debug X lockup (advice from gurus wanted)

Roberto Ragusa mail at
Sat Sep 24 07:45:12 UTC 2011

On 09/06/2011 11:14 PM, Roberto Ragusa wrote:

> Anyway, the problem happened again one hour ago, so I just decided
> to upgrade only the kernel to the one from F15 and hope for the best.
> If it happens again, I will then upgrade Xorg and Mesa.

Replying to myself in this old thread just to let google-searchers
know that after upgrading my F14 installation to the F15 kernel (including module-init-tools as a dep),
the laptop has now an uptime of 15 days, no more X lockups.
There were also more than 40 suspend/resume cycles without
any failure, so it seems like the new kernel has fixed that issue too.

As a regression, the ethernet driver sometimes fails to work after
resume; it is a known bug for 3.0, easily fixed with
modprobe -r e1000e; modprobe e1000e
so I can live with it.

(Of course I'm expecting a lockup minutes after sending this mail...)

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