Need systemd unit file help.

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at
Sun Sep 25 18:17:59 UTC 2011

On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 7:01 AM, Michal Schmidt <mschmidt at> wrote:
> You can have every akmod-* package ship
> a /lib/systemd/system/akmod-*.target file to specify the ordering, e.g.
>  [Unit]
>  Description=akmod for foo
>  After=akmods.service
>  Before=prefdm.service
> And ship a symlink
> /lib/systemd/system/akmods.service.wants/akmod-*.target

So this method will run on the earliest requirement of all installed
akmod packages?

> Or, instead of building all the modules from akmods.service, you
> can build them using 'akmods --akmod ...' from their own akmod-*.service
> where the ordering will be defined as needed.

Here they provide their own .service file and akmods could be run more
than once during boot if the user has more than one akmod package

I like the first option because it seems more elegant, but also more
complicated. I like the second option because it puts the onus of
getting the .service file right on the maintainer of the driver
package and not me :)


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