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Sergio Belkin sebelk at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 18:19:45 UTC 2011


I've read  the examples about updates allowed and I've read in examples section:


"Abiword releases a new version that adds compatibility with WordStar
4.0 documents. It also completely updates the user interface to use
pie menus. This would be a feature enhancement with a major user
experience change, and would not be allowed. "

Is that requirement honored? Because unless I miss something there is
a lot of updates that include only enhancements. Is not my will to
create a controversy but perhaps there is something in the guideliness
that needs (at the risk of sounding repeating) update....

And let's say that we have a package foo-5.5 that has libfoo.so 1.0.0
and you make a package 6.0 with library libfoo.so 2.0.0. What should I

a. Submit foo 6.0 as an update
b. Submit foo 6.0 that coexists with foo 5.5
c. Submit foo 6.0 only for rawhide.

What is the right option?

Sorry if I did 2 questions at once.

Thanks in advance

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